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The Harlem Spiritual Ensemble

The moving music of the Harlem Spiritual Ensemble is heard throughout Colorblind. Through the teachings of Detroit educator Alvin Bell, the children of Detroit learned the importance of personal integrity and freedom so graciously portrayed in the spirituals written by composer Linda Twine and sung by the unforgettable voice of Dr. Francois Clemmons and his Harlem Spiritual Ensemble.

Directed by Dr. Clemmons, the Harlem Spiritual Ensemble was devoted to the preservation of the American Negro Spiritual. By recreating the original interpretations of the spiritual, the Ensemble brought to life the vital spirit expressed in these songs. Comprised of six singers, a pianist and a percussionist, the Ensemble experienced great success throughout the United States and abroad, receiving exuberant reactions from audiences across the country for their soulful, passionate performances.

The music of Colorblind contains moving pieces from the Ensemble’s Sisters of Freedom CD, and includes several selections from the cantata written by renowned composer Linda Twine.

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