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Poster by John Taylor Dismukes
PAMELA PEAK PRODUCTIONS with Moody Street Pictures presents:
A Feature Documentary Film
Written and Directed by Pamela Peak


Re-enactment Scenes with:
Otis Lockhart (As Mr. Bell)
Adrianna White Eagle
Lee Aaron, Cori Teague
Paul Mastrantonio
DeJorie Monroe,
Victoria Leigh
Brandon Dubois,
Lawrence Cuneaz,
and children from the
Royal Oak Public Schools

The Harlem Spiritual Ensemble
Dr. Franscois Clemmons, Director


Directors of Photography:
(Reunion) Adam Moyer
(Detroit) Roger Avie
(Los Angeles) David Waldram

(Detroit 2nd Unit) Steven Oatley
(Minneapolis) Chris Edman and
Greg Grobe

Edited by: Autumn Lisa Mason
Sound by: Rick Shermanó
Sherman Sound Suite
Copyright © 2003-2015 Pamela Peak Productions. All Rights Reserved